Tishana Richards
Hello! That's me over there to the right in China in May of 2019! I love to venture out on my own, make/design things, and photograph cool things people make. I first began taking photos in college but didn't really get into it until after I graduated and started my own business. I was scrappy. I did everything on my own and my photography skills developed over time.

During the photography years I also worked in TV and film production on sets as a casting assistant and production assistant. I've worked on shows on almost every major network like ESPN, MTV, ABC, NBC, TNT, HGTV, and the list goes on! You can see more shows and details by heading over to my linkedin profile.

I love being a small business owner. I own a small home and garden business called Coco and Seed (you can see some photos on my portfolio page). It's the perfect creative outlet to designing products and going through the entire process to having something that you dreamt up in your mind to something physical. You can see more over at my store (cocoandseed.com). I am also active on instagram and share lots of product shots and behind the scenes photos and videos there.

Want to know more? Get in touch and let's chat!